Mr. Peabody is an English Mastiff puppy. He's a feisty little handful! Peabody is always up for playing, especially if his favorite squeaky ball is involved. He loves finding sticks out in the yard and sneaking them in through his doggie door. He's an excellent swimmer and loves to show off his favorite trick - playing dead. Follow our mastiff puppy on twitter: @MisterPeabody and check out his blog at

Check out the Mastiff Breeders Directory for help finding an English Mastiff puppy. If you're looking for more information on caring for your giant breed/ english mastiff puppy, visit our puppy care page.

Pictures of Peabody, Our Mastiff

mastiff puppy 8 weeks

7 Weeks, 16.5lbs

mastiff and great dane

Peabody at 8 weeks, 20lbs. with Mowgli


Having fun with his cousin, Kyle

12 week old mastiff puppy

Mastiff Puppy at 12 Weeks, 37 lbs.

dog pac - mastiff, great dane, mutt

English mastiff at 14 weeks, 46 lbs. with
our great dane and german shepherd mix

mastiff puppy at 15 weeks

15 Weeks, 50 lbs.

english mastiff puppy at 17 weeks

Peabody at 17 weeks, 56.6 lbs, ready for a swim

6 month old mastiff puppy

Bigger than Harley now, but still trying to squish under my desk together

mastiff puppy 7 months

Peabody at 7 1/2 months, 115 lbs.

mastiff great dane comparison

Peabody (Mastiff at 9 months) 140 lbs.
with Mowgli (Great Dane at 8 years) 140 lbs.

great dane and mastiff puppy playing

Peabody at 10 1/2 months, 155lbs,
romping with Mowgli

mastiff puppy and great dane playing

A good great dane vs. mastiff game of tug

mastiff puppy at 1 year

Peabody at 12 months, no problem stealing
things off the countertops

mastiff puppy at 14 months

Peabody just under 14 months

mastiff puppy at 15 months

Peabody at 15 months

mastiff and MCM furniture

Peabody at 17 months

mastiff and pack

22 months with Mowgli

mastiff and great dane

Playing with some Christmas toys

mastiff and great dane with bones

All stretched out with a bone

mastiff puppy pictures

Mastiff Puppy Pictures

Pictures of Peabody from 7 weeks to 1 year - watch our mastiff puppy grow!

Mastiff Puppy Gallery >

mastiff puppy 11 weeks

11 weeks, 33 lbs, Paw Size = Enormous!

puppy halloween

10 week old Mastiff Puppy, 28.5 lbs.
Ready for Trick-or-Treaters

great dane, mastiff puppy

Just Playing!

mastiff puppy, 13 weeks

13 weeks, 41 lbs. - Catching up to Harley

two mastiff puppies

Peabody and his new Mastiff puppy friend, Bella

peabody, mowgli and harley

Puppy all stretched out with the dogs

mastiff puppy 16 weeks

Our english mastiff puppy at 16 weeks, 53.5 lbs.

mastiff puppy 23 weeks

Peabody at 5 1/2 months, 80 lbs.

mastiff puppy lounging by the pool

Relaxing with his Paws in the Pool, 7 months

silkie chicks and mastiff puppy

Peabody guarding stalking some
newly hatched silkie chicks.

mastiff puppy with chick

"Excuse me, there's a baby chicken
in the kitchen..."

mastiff and silkie chicken

"This is OK? I'll just take a nap then."

11 month mastiff puppy

11 Months with Mowgli

11 month mastiff puppy

13 Months, Getting a little big for this Bed

mastiff puppy on lap

The Ultimate Lap Dog
Our Mastiff "Puppy" at 15 Months

mastiff puppy with slipper

Peabody at 16 Months
Chewing on One of My Mastiff Slippers

mastiff puppy with slipper

Peabody at 19 Months
Swimming in the Pool

mastiff vs oversized chair

Peabody at 2 years

Peabody's Puppy Pics >

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Breed: Mastiff (aka English Mastiff)

Born: August 30, 2007

Location: indoor dog, Arizona

Collar Size: 30"

Hobbies: romping, playing tug, swimming underwater, fetching, pouncing

Favorite Foods: green beans, peas, carrots, broccoli, bones, yogurt

Goals: learn how to open the frig, be the center of attention at all times

Likes: belly rubs, watching The Dog Whisperer, playing with water, playdates with Bella

Dislikes: tents, scary noises, trees blowing in the wind

Biggest Fear: shadows, trash cans

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