Our cousin, Bella is a brindle English Mastiff puppy. She belongs to the Janssen family in Fountain Hills. She and Peabody are the best of friends, growing up together with plenty of play dates! Check back for new pictures of Bella as she grows. Please note: Bella is spayed. We do not breed, sell or adopt out any dogs. Visit our Breeders page for help finding English Mastiff puppies in your area.

Watching Bella the Mastiff Puppy Grow

brindle mastiff puppy

Bella at 13 Weeks

5 month old mastiff puppy

Mastiff Puppy at 5 Months

11 month old mastiff puppy

11 month old mastiff puppy playing in the water with Emily, one of her kids.

mastiff puppy at 11 months

Watch Out Emily! Bella is actually very
careful and gentle with the kids.

mastiff puppy at 13 months

Bella at 13 months with the kids.

mastiff puppy at 12 weeks

Bella at 12 Weeks

two mastiff puppies

Bella and her new friend, Peabody

puppies in the pool

Bella & Peabody Playing in the Pool

mastiff puppies at the pool

The Mastiff Puppies with Conner

mastiff puppies sleeping

6 month old Bella and Peabody napping after a long day of play

mastiff puppy as supergirl

Dressed up as Supergirl with Emily, 12 Months


It's all about the cape. She's very patient.

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Breed: Mastiff (aka English Mastiff)

Born: September 13, 2007

Location: indoor dog, Arizona

Hobbies: sleeping, more sleeping

Favorite Foods: organic treats, carrots and peanut butter

Goals: master eating and drinking while laying down

Likes: sitting on laps, going for very short walks, playing in the hose

Dislikes: going on long walks

Biggest Fear: swimming

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mastiff & great dane information