Delilah, a great dane mix, is a cool dog. She is the most human-like dog I have ever met! She talks back when she doesn't get her way, she scolds the other dogs when they pick on each other, and she has this amazing stubbornness that makes her absolutely adorable! She's always up for an adventure, and seems to have an unusual understanding of all that goes on around her.

Delilah's Gallery

great dane with a bone

Delilah and a really big bone.

great dane games

One of her favorite games - hiding in a t-shirt or under a blanket, then pouncing.

great dane mix swimming

Swimming in the Salt River 

great dane mix


delilah and a bone

Delilah LOVES bones

great danes tugging

Delilah and Mowgli Tugging, Making a Mess

Delilah passed away on September 3, 2007
at age 10. Things are just not the same around here without her and we will never forget
what a special dog she was.

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Breed: Great Dane Weimaraner Mix

Born: June 1997

Location: indoor dog, Arizona

Hobbies: chewing bones, romping with Mowgli, de-stuffing toys

Favorite Foods: rawhide, bones, anything that looks like a bone

Goals: take over the world

Likes: swimming, running, fetching, itty-bitty tennis balls

Dislikes: not getting her way

Biggest Fear: are you kidding? totally fearless.