Silkie chickens are a bantam, or miniature, variety of chicken. They are typically not farmed for meat or eggs, but rather raised as pets. They each have their own personality, and are similar to other types of pet birds like cockatiels or parrots. Their feathers are fine and fluffy, resembling fur. The adults lay miniature eggs, and they love pecking around the yard finding ants and other tiny bugs to eat.

A note about chickens in general: Factory farm chickens a often treated inhumanely, confined to battery cages that barely allow them to move their entire lives.  You can help to put an end to cruelty in the chicken markets by purchasing organic eggs and organic chicken. Organic farmers must meet higher standards of care.

Silkie Hatchlings

silkie chics

Learning How to Peck

silkie chicken at 1 month

1 Month Old-Exploring the Yard for the 1st Time

silkie and mastiff

Sharing some Breadcrumbs with the Dogs

black silkie chic

Rotisserie, AKA "Rosie" - So Cute!

white silkie chic

Nugget, Pecking at the Camera

polish chicken

Pei-Wei, Our Polish Chicken

silkie chicken

Noodle, taking a bite of the cucumber

silkie chick hatchlings

Chicks Just a Few Days Old

week old silkie chick

1 Week Old, Getting Used to People & Dogs

silkie chics

Growing Silkie New Feathers


2 Months Old, Starting to Look Fluffy

silkie chick

Noodle, Looking for Treats

silkie chicken

Noodle at 4 months, Looking Fluffy

silkie chicken

Rosie, checking out these cucumbers

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Breed: Silkie Chickens

Hatched: May 2008

Location: sunny Arizona backyard

Hobbies: roaming the yard, chasing the dogs, pecking around for bugs, soaking their feet in the birdbath

Favorite Foods: seeds, nuts, grains, bugs, figs, melons, grapes, greens, oatmeal, strawberries, flaxseeds

Goals: learn how to make a nest before egg laying starts, figure out how to get in that doggie door

Likes: free-ranging, being hand-fed

Dislikes: being caged, getting their feathers wet

Biggest Fear: being eaten 

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