Tequila, the dog's "cousin," is a Yorkshire Terrier-Chihuahua, weighing in at about 10 pounds. She's a spunky little thing and holds her own well playing with the big guys. "Smiling" on command is one of her favorite tricks, showing off her shiny white teeth. Moving? Check out these sites: find House Plans or Home Loans.

Tequila's Yorkie-Chihuahua Gallery

swimming dog

Sometimes the bones are bigger than she is 

yorkie mix close up

She knows she's cute.

yorkie chihuahua sweater

The sweaters are cute, but winter is not her favorite season.

Interesting Fact:
Tequila can run faster than all of the big dogs except Delilah.

yorkie-chihuahua and great dane

Samson is Tequila's favorite playmate. She's convinced she's bigger than him, and he just plays along and lets her tackle him.

yorkie mix puppy tackles great dane


yorkie chihuahua swimming

Floating in the Pool. Tequila loves the water.

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Breed: Yorkie Chihuahua Mix

Born: January 2000

Location: indoor dog, Atlanta

Hobbies: playing fetch, running, chasing bugs

Favorite Foods: turkey bacon, apples

Goals: stay out of the way of big paws

Likes: sleeping on the pillow, going for walks

Dislikes: being carried, wearing clothes

Biggest Fear: are you kidding? totally fearless.