Samson is a merle Great Dane. He was born on April 2, 1998. He is 37" tall at the shoulder and weighs 195 lbs. Don't let him fool you though, he's a big sweet baby. Everyone in our neighborhood knows him by name, including people I don't even know! Samson loves everyone he meets.  He likes playing in the water even though he can't swim, loves giving hugs, stealing food off the top of the refrigerator, winning games of tug, and drooling on guests.

Sammy's Great Dane Gallery

merle great dane

We love the floppy ears.

great dane hugs

Giving Great Dane Hugs

really big great dane

More great dane hugs 

great dane teeth

Ahhh...Sammy is sure he can chew through the glass patio door.

great dane puppy with shepherd

Sammy at about 7 months, sharing a nap on my bed with his buddy, Harley.

Living with an Un-Neutered Dog
My friends insisted I share this funny little incident with the world, so here it is...
As you may know, intact male dogs have a tendency to urinate on things to mark their territory. Well, one early morning when Samson was a young dog (exploring his new-found marking abilities), he insisted on climbing up on the bed with me. The 100 lb paw in my belly was quite the rude awakening, so he was ordered off the bed. A few minutes later he thought he'd give it another try, this time squishing my knee, side, and head. He was again met with my orders off to his own bed on the floor. "Finally," I thought, "I can get back to sleep." About 10 minutes into my dream of standing under a tropical waterfall, I realized the waterfall was all too real. I opened my eyes to find Samson standing next to the bed staring at me, his leg lifted up over the bed marking my bed...the territory he wanted to claim as his own! He certainly showed me. He was neutered shortly after.

great danes and a great dane mix

Samson and Mowgli (great danes)
with Delilah (great dane mix)

great dane bath day

Bath Day

merle great dane puppy

Samson as a Puppy,  about 9 weeks

great dane rides

Great Dane or Pony?

great danes

In Memory of Samson

Samson was diagnosed with lymphoma in the summer of 2004, and despite our best efforts, he was unable to recover. We miss him and will never forget him.


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great dane

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Breed: Great Dane

Born: April 2, 1998

Location: indoor dog, Arizona

Hobbies: sleeping, playing tug, marking my territory

Favorite Foods: absolutely anything

Goals: life is good. no need to chage.

Likes: chewing tennis balls, stealing food off the counters, being bigger than all the other dogs

Dislikes: coffee. yuck. why do they ruin milk by putting that stuff in it?

Biggest Fear: missing out on snacks

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