mastiff puppy

When we were ready to begin our search for a new great dane or english mastiff puppy, we found it difficult to judge how large a mastiff or great dane puppy should be at each age and couldn't find any information online, so we created the chart below.

It's important not to overfeed a great dane or mastiff puppy to try and push their growth as this can cause serious bone diseases. By feeding the proper amount of a high quality giant breed puppy food, such as Eagle Pack Holistic Large and Giant Breed Puppy Food, your great dane / mastiff puppy will still grow to be the same size, but the growth will be slower and steadier, allowing his muscle growth to keep up with his bone growth and avoiding bone diseases such as HOD.

If you're looking for more information on caring for your giant breed/ english mastiff puppy, visit our puppy care page. Check out our Breeders page for help finding a Great Dane or English Mastiff puppy.

Charting Our Mastiff Puppies' Growth

Here's our record of our mastiff puppy, Peabody's growth and his cousin, Bella's growth. You can view other giant breed growth charts and chart your puppy's growth at i-tails.com: http://www.i-tails.com/community/

english mastiff puppy

mastiff puppy growth chart

mastiff paw vs. human hand

Comparing a 9 month Old Mastiff's
Paw with an Adult Hand

Our Mastiff's Diet

Peabody and Bella are both eating Eagle Pack Holistic Large and Giant Breed Puppy Formula. In addition, they receive fresh, healthy treats as well. Cooked organic oatmeal, carrots, green peas, green beans, cooked chicken breast or 96% lean ground beef, eggs, apples, plain organic yogurt, brown rice, organic baby food (sweet potatoes are a favorite) and other fresh fruits, veggies and meats are given as a snack each day. From time to time, we supplement with frozen or freeze dried raw foods.

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