We call this gallery The Girlfriend Series. Peabody has a big stuffed animal he loves to snuggle. We've taken pictures of our little mastiff puppy with "The Girlfriend" since he was just a pup - you can watch him grow and catch up to her size.

Peabody's Mastiff Puppy Gallery

mastiff puppy, 9 weeks

Peabody at 8 Weeks, Chewing on his "Girlfriend"

english mastiff puppy

Peabody at 7 Weeks

7 week mastiff puppy

Our little mastiff puppy looks so tiny next to his huge toy, 7 weeks

9 week mastiff puppy

9 weeks and growing like a weed

3 month old mastiff puppy

3 month old Mastiff puppy, big enough to start doing some damage to the girlfriend

4 month old mastiff puppy

4 months old and very proud of his tackling skills

mastiff puppies playing

Romping with Bella on top of "The Girlfriend," 5 1/2 Months

7 month old mastiff puppy

Peabody at 7 months. The girlfriend's nose is starting to look a little tattered. He likes chewing on it.

9 month old mastiff puppy

Peabody at 9 months, Starting to Broaden Out a Bit

10 month old mastiff puppy

Peabody at 10 months

10 month old mastiff puppy

Our 13 Month Old Mastiff "Puppy"

18 month old mastiff puppy

Peabody at 18 months

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Breed: Mastiff (aka English Mastiff)

Born: August 30, 2007

Location: indoor dog, Arizona

Collar Size: 30"

Hobbies: romping, playing tug, swimming underwater, fetching, pouncing

Favorite Foods: green beans, peas, carrots, broccoli, bones, yogurt

Goals: learn how to open the frig, be the center of attention at all times

Likes: belly rubs, watching The Dog Whisperer, playing with water, playdates with Bella

Dislikes: tents, scary noises, trees blowing in the wind

Biggest Fear: shadows, trash cans

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